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After his third promotion, Cole Phelps, the main character in the L.A Noire video game; is moved to a new department, also known in the game as the Vice Department. His new partner is Roy Earle, while the commanding officer is Lieutenant Archie Colmyer. The LAPD Vice Department from L.A Noire is focused on solving cases which involve drugs, prostitute, […]

zi7z: L.A. Noire - прохождение | Vice / Отдел нравов L.A. Noire так и не прошел в свое время, остановился на втором диске из трех. Поднял вопрос, оказывается актуальный релиз уже на четырех дисках и старые сохранения не поддерживаются. Пришлось идти с самого начала с подсказками для скорости, но и тут не все так просто. LA Noire Walkthrough - Vice Case #2 - "The Set Up" Part… Author of the Video: JV2017gameplay • Download and Play • LA Noire Walkthrough - Vice Case #2 - "The Set Up" Part 1 • Video Games Online. LA Noire shows off its seamy side with vice trailer |… Given the tone of some of its more recent trailers and previews, it can be easy to forget that LA Noire isn't all serial killers and murder investigations. Beforehe works his way up to homicide, however, Cole Phelps will have to pay his dues as a uniformed beat cop... LA Noire - Z-Machine Matter

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LA Noire is an open world detective game with investigative and action elements. You play as LAPD officer Cole Phelps and follow his career advancement as he investigates a series of crimes. ... Vice Desk The Black Caesar. ... then drive to the Numbers Operation. Go inside and upstairs to meet Merlon Ottie. Examine the red slot machine; pull ... Vice Desk I The Black Caesar - L.A. Noire Guide

Black Gold Slot Machine. With the Black Gold slot machine, Betsoft managed to come up a 3D slot game for the lovers of gaming in online casinos. The game entails drilling of oil, instant click-me features and reels like other slot games to obtain winnings.

On the floor of the apartment is a wallet with a drivers license and Numbers Slip. There is also a popcorn cup from the Black Caesar. Examine the body in the chair. On the floor to the right of the body in the chair there is Morphine Syrettes and another popcorn cup from the Black Caesar.

Best Answer: don't know if you have found the answer or not, but you have to listen to the sounds sometimes when you land on something it sounds like it wants to open. We did one at a time until it sounded like it wants to open then hold that and do the same thing on the other two, i don't know if they code ...

L.A. Noire Walkthrough: Vice Desk Cases - GamingReality Page four of the LA Noire Walkthrough. (Back to Main Menu). Choose a section. Vice Desk Cases.If you've already been to Jones' place, you won't get any clues for doing this, but you can still go to the red slot machine in the back corner of the room Ottie's in and play with it. Bugatti La Voiture Noire [Add-On] - @minh2112 lol la voiture noir means the black car. 22 часа назад.