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A,7 (soft 18) versus 2 is double down instead of stand. A,8 (soft 19) versus 6 is double down instead of stand. 8,8 versus ace is surrender if allowed, otherwise split. It is important to know which rules are more important than others. The World’s Greatest Blackjack book talks about this on page 55.

So in tournament blackjack it is allowed, but in tournament play you may have to throw the strategy tables out of the window in extreme situations. I could see someone who needs to make up a deficit very fast would bet max and double down on a 12 or 13. But in standard, casino blackjack, is a double down on a blackjack permissible? Doubling down A,8 vs. dealer 6 - Blackjack and Card ... Any ideas why his strategy card or his mentor would have him STAND instead of double down on A,8 vs. dealer 6? Anyway, I told him mine was correct and that I even had an argument with a dealer once who told me I was not suppose to double down A,8 against dealer 6. Basic Strategy Charts | BlackJack Age Basic blackjack strategy charts can help make it easy to learn the basics of when to hit, when to stand, when to double down and when to split pairs in any situation. Basic blackjack strategy charts are tables that list possible hand values on one axis and possible dealer upcard values on the other axis. When to Double Down in Blackjack? - Double down is the most underused move a player can make in Blackjack. Learn when to double down in Blackjack to lower the house edge and maximize your odds! Close. Casino Guide. How to Start Download Free Guide Casino F.A.Q. Casinos by Networks Deposits and Withdrawals 101 Gamble Online for Real Money Online Security 101.

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Have you ever wondered how you can possibly break even or win at blackjack when overall you stand to win only about 47% (excluding ties) of the hands dealt to you? One reason is the double down option. Northern Strip Las Vegas Blackajck A complete listing of Northern Strip Las Vegas blackjack casinos, with a listing of each game sorted in a useful table. Double Exposure Blackjack | Strategy, Tips and Free Games

With doubling down, each of these hands are actually technically a hand you should double down, so this first one's a nine. what you're gonna do isSince a player always goes first, even if they both bust, the player loses. Even though blackjacks help the player, double downs help the player, those aren't...

In this video we cover the options in the game of Blackjack of Doubling Down and Splitting your hands., as well as when it is best to use these tactics. http... Double Down in Blackjack - CasinoDave You are here - Home-> Blackjack-> Double Down While playing blackjack online or in person, doubling down is an essential weapon to lower the casino's house advantage. I have seen and heard many people that do not double down ever for risk of losing tw Blackjack Double Down Rules - Blackjack Double Down Rules Double down on 10, 11 - Almost universal, this rule allows doubling down on two cards totaling 10 or 11 without using an Ace. On extremely rare occasions, you might find a casino that only allows double down on 11. Blackjack Strategy - Strategy Guide with Charts, Tips, Rules Blackjack Strategy – Ultimate Basic Strategy Guide with Charts, Tips, Rules. Blackjack is a game where the player’s decision directly impacts the result. Do you hit? Or do you stand? Or should you double down? Is the hand you have the right one to split? Or should you just surrender? All that and more you know easily thanks to blackjack ...

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To use the basic strategy, look up your hand along the left vertical edge and the dealer's up card along the top. In both cases an A stands for ace. From top to bottom are the hard totals, soft totals, and splittable hands. There are two charts depending on whether the dealer hits or stands on soft ... Doubling on hard 8! - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums I agree that basic strategy says to double 8 v 5 or 6 with SD, regardless of H or S 17, but obviously it is better to use an index for any double down play and 8 doubling is no exception. I even like to use negative indexes to determine certain hands where not to double, 10 v 9 and 11 v 10 would be good examples. Blackjack Strategy Playing 8 vs. 5 - Playing 8 vs. 5 in Blackjack. Here's the situation: You are playing in a multiple deck game, where you're allowed to double down on any two cards. You're dealt a six and a deuce for a two-card total of eight and the dealer turns up a five. What play do you make? The correct play is to just hit the hand.